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07 May 2022

The Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academician Z.M.Bunyadov organizes an international scientific conference “Mirza Kazembek – 220” on September 20, 2022, on the occasion of 220th anniversary of Mirza Kazembek, who was a prominent orientalist and educator, one of the first Azerbaijani members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and one of the founders of Russian oriental studies, the member of the Royal Asiatic Society, and the first dean of the Faculty of Oriental Languages of the Saint Petersburg University.

24 March 2022

Monday, March 21, 2022, the Women and Child Studies Unit at the Dialogue Center for Political and Media Studies organized a panel discussion entitled: “International Women’s Day.. A reading of the achievements of Egyptian and Azerbaijani women”, at the center’s headquarters in Cairo, in the context of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries for a promising future.

24 March 2022

Mrs. Hana Hamdy, President of the Union of Specialized Arab Women (USAW) in the Arab Republic of Egypt, welcomed the participation of Prof. Gular Kouqazli, Director of the Department of International Relations at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of the State of Azerbaijan, in today’s meeting of the Union of Specialized Arab Women. The hall resounded with warm applause for Dr. Kouqazli and Mrs Hamdi stressed the union’s keenness on fruitful cooperation with the friendly and beloved state of Azerbaijan.

10 June 2021

July 16, 2021

Azerbaijan- Baku


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As is known, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Yunus Emre's death, 2021 has been declared the "Year of Yunus Emre" by UNESCO.

In this regard, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is organizing the International Yunus Emre Symposium in cooperation with the Institute of Oriental Studies.

Yunus Emre, a prominent representative of 13th century Turkish folk literature, is a great poet who is loved and famous not only for the Turkic peoples, but also among the peoples of the world.

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