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Department “Arabic Philology” was set up in 1976. From 1976 to 1992, the department was headed by prominent scholar, famed both in the Republic and the Soviet expanse, by Doctor of Philology, Prof.A.Imanguliyeva. This period of department’s activity was marked by great successes and achievements in the work of Azerbaijani Oriental Studies. A number of candidate theses were defended under her research papers leadership, books and monographs covering various aspects of the Arabic literature were published in Azeri and Russian.

Also, A.Imanguliyeva initiated to hold research papers conferences and seminars as a head of Arabic Philology “department”. Engaged in the analysis of global problems of the Arabic literature, A.Imanguliyeva made a great contribution to the study of emigrant literature and authored a number of fundamental monographs to develop the Azerbaijani Oriental Studies. These include researcher’s “Unity of pens” and Michael Nuayme” dealt with causes of the Arabic emigrant literature, especially those emigrant Arabic writers – residents of New York in the 1920s and their “Unity of pens” literary association. A greater portion of the research work is devoted to one of the founders of “Unity of pens” – Lebanese writer Michael Nayme’s creative work. A.Imanguliyeva’s second research work “Jubran Khalil Jubran” is devoted to the creative activity of another representative of the Arabic emigrant literature. The work retraces the development of romantic style in the writings of “Jubran Khalil Jubran”. The prominent researcher’s last work titled “Coryphées of the new Arabic literature”. Is a genuine contribution to the study of the Arabic literature. This fundamental research is an exclusive contribution made to the establishment of relations between processes taking place in the new Arabic literature and literatures of other peoples worldwide. As exemplified by creative work of the three outstanding representatives of the “Syrian-American School” – J.Kh.Jubran, Amin ar-Reyhani and Michael Nuayme, the researcher analyses the nature and importance of the western romanticism and Russian critical realism on the Arabic literature. It was highly research papers and organization skills of the head of the department “Arabic Philology”, Doctor of Philology, Prof.A.Imanguliyeva that gave a strong impetus to achievements of the said department and development of the Azerbaijani Oriental Studies.

At present, the department proceeds with studying the Arabic linguistics and literature. At the same time, the department is engaged in research of the Arabic-Azerbaijani literary ties.

Thus, in the 1980-1990s the researchers of the department wrote a number of works dealing with Azerbaijani scholars – contributors to the research of the Arabic linguistics. Worthy of mentioning are research works of PhD in Philology L.Orujeva’s “A work of az-Zanjani “Mabadiu fit-tasrif”, “Linguistic activity of the Azerbaijani scholar Ibrahim al-Arashy, 18 century”, PhD in Philology Ch.Mirzazadeh’s “Vocabulary of the Azerbaijani scholar Hubeysh Tiflisi “Qanuni-l-adab” and “Ibn Firishta and his Rhymed Glossary”; PhD in Philology Z.Rustamova’s “Abu Hayyan al-Andalusi’s “Ad-durra al-mudiyya fi-l-luga at-Turkiyya”. 

For some time past, department’s researchers proceed with traditional approaches to the compilation of vocabularies and focus not only on the analysis of lexicographic works of the Middle Ages but also engage in compiling special vocabulary in various aspects of social life. “Vocabulary of terms in the Arabic linguistics” was compiled and published by PhD in Philology L.Orujeva. This work met a great interest of Arabist and students. The 4-language (Azeri, Russian, Arabic and Latin) Vocabulary compiled by PhD in Philology L.Orujeva and PhD in Philology Z.Rustamova titled “Dictionary of Medical terms” was published and received highly positive response of readers.

At present, researchers are studying some global questions of the Arabic linguistics, following which a number of research papers. Worthy of mentioning are PhD in Philology L.Orujova’s “Distinctive features of nahv in the grammar of the Arabic language”; PhD in Philology Z.Rustamova’s “The History of study of the Iraqi-Turkman dialect and its linguistic features”. Readers may familiarize themselves with the two research works in the archives of the Institute of Oriental Studies.

Literary criticism scholars of the department are engaged in analyzing literatures of  Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and emigrant Arabic literature, literary processes and trends in these literatures, creative work of world-famed Arabic men of letters. On the other hand, these researchers also examine Azerbaijani-Arabic literary ties. Over a few years, a number of research works have been created to deal with questions above. These include: “Unity of pens” and Michael Nuayme”, “Coryphées of the new Arabic literature” (A.Imanguliyeva); “Abul-Faraj al-Isfagani’s “A Book of Songs” and classical Azerbaijani literature” (G.Bahshaliyeva); “Neoclassical poetry in Iraq” (V.Jafar); “Azerbaijani-Arabic , literary ties” (F.Aliyev). In 2004, young literary critics of the department – H.Alekperova’s “Evolution of romantic heroes of Najib Mahfuz”; A.Barhalov defended a candidate thesis titled “The Arabic Philology and other sciences progress in the context of the Islamic civilization in the early Abbasid period”.

In general, in the reviewed period the department’s researchers published above 30 monographs, 3rd issue of collected “Questions of the Arabic Philology”; above 200 articles dealing with various aspects of the Arabic linguistics and literature. Results of the theoretical studies of literary critics of the department “Arabic Philology” found there parallel in the collected works and anthologies of poems and stories having been translated into Azeri. For instance, stories of writers from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Palestine were published in the collected “A Man and a Bird”, “In Search of Good days”. Besides, PhD in Philology, Prof.G.Bahshaliyeva made a maiden translation of the two chapters from Abul-Faraj al-Isfahani’s “A Book of Songs” anthology dealing with life and creative work of the poet of love Qeys ibn Mulavvahi-Majnun and three chapters dealing with creative work of Arabic-speaking Azerbaijani poets Musa Shahavat, Ismail ibn Yassar and Abu-l-Abbas Al-Amad. These translations were published under the title “A Book of Songs” (in Russian) and Abul-Faraj Isfahani’s “Once upon a time there was Majnun…”

Research papers achievements of the department were mirrored in a monograph of L.Orujova and Z.Shihalibeyli in Russian under the title “Development of the Arabic Philology in Azerbaijan”.

At present, the department “Arabic Philosophy” is headed by PhD in Philology V.Jafarov. He is the author of a number of monographs and above 70 various articles. He translated a novel (20 of Jurji Zeydan’s “A Fiancee from Fargana” (“Arusu Fargana”). This work was published in 1998 by “Ganjlik” publishing house. He took an active part in issuing a collective monograph “In Search of Good days”.

Worthy of mentioning are valuable research works of the department which include a literary criticism work of PhD in Philology Z.Shihalibeyli’s “Modernist School of Egypt”; linguistic work of PhD in Philology Z.Rustamova’s “The History of analysis of Kirkuk dialect” and “The History of analysis of Iraqi Turkman dialect and its linguistic features” (2013); PhD in Philology L.Orujova’s “A question of irab in the writings of medieval Azerbaijani scholars in Arabic” and “Distinctive features of Nahv in the grammar of the Arabic language” (2012); PhD in Philology Ch.Mirzazadeh’s “Lexical and Semantic style of “Nisabus-subyan” Arabic-Turkish Poetical Vocabulary” (2013). Worthy of research papers interest are researchers’ studies in translation activity. Annotated translation of Iraqi historian M.Sh.Khattab’s “Armaniyya in the pre-Islamic conquest and during conquest period” into Azeri (PhD in Philology and head of the Department V.Jafarov); translation of B.Levi’s “Middle East and the West” into Azeri, its preparation for the press and an introductory word (PhD in Philology A.Barhalov); translation of I.Filshtinskiy’s “The History of the Arabic literature, beginning of the 5-10 centuries” into Azeri (collective translation by PhD in Philology A.Qasimly, PhD in Philology H.Alekperova, PhD in Philology R.Jumshudly). Besides, young researchers of the Department PhD in Philology H.Alekperova’s “Modern women writers in Egypt”; PhD in Philology R.Jumshudly’s “Al-Asha as a poet of Jahiliyya and sadrul-islam period”.

The research papers activity of the department in 2008 was notable for great research achievements. Thus, from January 13 through 17 three researchers of the department Doctor of Philology V.Jafarov, PhD in Philology L.Orujova and PhD in Philology A.Qasymly were invited to visit Libya and take part in round table to discuss “Green book” (“Al-Kitab al-Ahbar”) by the leader of the Libyan revolution M.Kaddafi. An article by Doctor of Philology V.Jafarov titled “Green light of Green book” was published in “Science and Life” magazine, #1-2.

Besides, two researchers of the department Doctor of Philology V.Jafarov and PhD in Philology Ch.Mirzazadeh made reports at the international research papers conference “Teaching of the Arabic language to non-Arabs” hosted by the Caucasus University jointly with the Embassy of Egypt and Egyptian Cultural Center on May 1-2. The Azerbaijani researchers made two reports at the conference – “The Old Azerbaijani alphabet should be taught in Arabic language Departments in Universities” (Doctor of Philology V.Jafarov) and “A Method of individual approach to students in teaching process” (PhD in Philology Ch.Mirzazadeh).

It’d be appropriate to note that on the occasion of 50-anniversary of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Doctor of Philology V.Jafarov published an article in “Science and Life” magazine (October). The article was titled “The Arabic Philology on the Eve of Jubilee”.

The Department completed a work over large “Arabic-Azeri Dictionary” (compilers are PhD in Philology R.Orujova, PhD in Philology Z.Rustamova and PhD in Philology Ch.Mirzazadeh). In fact, this Dictionary is a translation of “Arabic-Russian Dictionary” by H.K.Baranov. Head of the department, Doctor of Philology V.Jafarov published a monograph dedicated to the 70-anniversary of A.Imanguliyeva. The monograph is titled “A.Imanguliyeva. Articles and translations” (2010).

It should be noted that 90% of researchers of the department are PhDs. At present, three post-graduates and five PhD students (one of them is a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran) are working over their dissertation theses.

It has to be kept in mind that 15 department’s researchers paid in 12-days visit to Egypt in 2010. To attend training courses arranged by Cooperation Fund and the Institute of Hidayat Arab culture.

Researchers of the department are taking an active part at research papers conferences hosted by the Institute of Oriental Studies and Republican structures.

Department’s researcher PhD in Philology A.Qasymly carried out research work devoted to prominent Egyptian scholar and publicist Taha Huseyn titled “Taha Huseyn and Peculiarities of his professional skills” (On the basis of the creative work) of (Imrul-Qeys) (Questions of Oriental Philology, IV part, Baku, 2009); “From the History of formation of Modern Libyan prose” (Baku, “Research studies”, IX part, 2012). Young researchers of the department, PhDs R.Jumshudly, L.Bayramova, H.Alekperova, S.Salimova and F.Majidova are engaged in analyzing topical issues of the Arabic literature.

Worthy of mentioning are L.Bayramova’s “Arabic nights” as cultural-historical monument of all-oriental literature” (2009) and PhD in Philology R.Jumshudly’s poetical heritage of Fizuli (2012), PhD in Philology H.Alekperova’s “Egyptian realities and fiction” (later 20-earlier 21 centuries) and PhD in Philology S.Salimova’s “Early Abbasides period as mirrored in “Arab folklore and prose”. The writings above were presented for the press. Researcher PhD in Philology F.Majidova is a successor to the first researcher into emigrant literature A.Imanguliyeva. The researcher presented for the press her monograph “Arabic East in the creative work of Amin ar-Reyhani”.

Department research H.Kerimova defended a dissertation work titled “Genre of “Adab” in the Medieval Arabic literature” (on the basis of Abu Ali al-Muhassin at-Tanuhi’s “Nishvar al-Muhadara va ahbar al-Muzakara”. Also, the researcher published a number of articles devoted to this subject.

Two department’s workers – junior researcher G.Hamidly and junior researcher A.Ismaylova focused on the linguistics and literature respectively. Of interest is G.Hamidly’s “The role of Hatib Tabrizi” in the development of the Arabic Philology in the 11 century and his “Tahzibul-islahul-mantiq” treaties; A.Ismaylova’s Djurdji Zeydan as a researcher into Islamic culture.

It should be noted that all department researchers publish results of their research papers activity in collected “Research papers studies” and “Questions of the Oriental Philology”.

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