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19 April 2019

On April 19, the Institute of Oriental Studies named after academician Z.M. Bunyadov held an academic conference titled "Tireless researcher of Azerbaijan and Eastern Literature", dedicated to the 110th anniversary of a prominent scientist, Honored Scientist, academician Hamid Arasli.

Opening the conference, academician Isa Habibbeyli, vice-president of ANAS, noted that Hamid Arasli has made valuable contributions to the development of literary studies in the country with numerous studies. He noted that the literary scholar was exceptional in studying the history of Azerbaijani literature in the scientific direction. During his half-century research and literary activity, he conducted research on oral folk literature in Azerbaijan and was recognized as the first researcher of “Kitabi Dada Gorgud”, the immortal monument of our people.

18 April 2019

Turkey's Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Özoral visited the Institute of Oriental Studies named after academician Z.B.Munyadov on April 18.

Ambassador first met with the director of the institute, academician Govhar Bakhshaliyeva. G.Bakhshaliyeva spoke about the friendly and brotherly relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey and noted that our peoples always supported each other.

08 April 2019

ANAS Institute of Oriental Studies after academican Ziya Bunyadov held a seminar on “Skill features of Nasimi’s word” dedicated to the 650th anniversary of the outstanding Azerbaijani poet Imadaddin Nasimi on April 8.

Director of the Institute, academician Bakhshaliyeva Govhar, spoke on the significance of the Order by AR President Ilham Aliyev to declare 2019 the Year of Nasimi. The Institute, which contributed to the study of the heritage of Nasimi, also carries out a number of works in accordance with this decree.

03 April 2019

The author of the book “A new forms of tale telling in Turkic literature” is the Leading Researcher of the Department of Turkic Philology of ANAS Institute of Oriental Studies after academician Ziya Buniyatov, Ph.D. in Philology Sadagat Gasimli.

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