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Research scope of the Department “East-West” (founded in 2001) is a comparative analysis of “East-West” relations. First Head of the Department was PhD in Philology A.Azimov (2001-2011). From 2011 to 2016 the Department was headed by Doctor in Economy D.Veliyev, a well known specialist and author of numerous research works.

At present, the Department is headed by PhD in theology Mammadali Babashli.

At the very beginning, the Department was engaged in exploring the development of Eastern countries in the modern period, a comparative analysis of social, political economic and cultural problems of Western countries. An emphasis was laid on present-day, topical international political questions, problems of culturology. The Department concentrates on topics arising from political processes, globalization and inter-civilization dialogue in the Moslem East. In considering traditional directions of the Institute, an emphasis is laid on studies into various questions of Turkey, Iran and Arab countries.

When adjusted for the fact that “East-West” covers a broader range of questions, the Department’s researchers are engaged in exploring various sciences and research papers directions.

A universal principle of Department’s studies is the research into mutual influence between the East and the West, identification of positive and negative features of this influence. The primary goals of Department’s explorations are to demonstrate cultures of the East and the West as two different and important parts of one and the same unity.

Principal lines of Department’s activity are as follows:

1. Comparison and comprehensive analysis of various features of the eastern and western civilizations;

2. Inter-civilization relations between the East-West and Azerbaijan;

3. Analysis of perception of the western culture by the Eastern countries, history and experience of relations between the East and West;

4. Examination of the influence of western values and globalization on political, economic, cultural and social processes;

5. Research into international relations through the context of mutual relations between “East-West” countries;

6. Analysis of present-day processes in the East through the context of “East-West” relations.

Over the past period, the Department has done much work to explore cultural, philosophical literary and other directions of the East and the West. Suffice it to mention “Perception of East-West paradigm in the contemporary Azerbaijani consciousness”; “Enlightenment and the 20 century Western Philosophy development”, “Inter-religion relations and Mass media”, “East-West paradigm and Gender issues” (A.Azimov), “A Place and Significance of inter-cultural dialogue in the context of united world conception”, “Collaboration between the East and the West in resolving globalization issues: necessity and prospects” (M.Babashly). “Culturological analysis of modernization process in Turkey” (R.Rzayeva), “Eastern motives in the West European literature in the 18-19 centuries”, “Arab lyrics and Medieval European poetry”, “Suffism and West European literature” (A.Jabrailova), “Distinctive features of Michael Noayme creativity” as per Aida Imanguliyeva’s “Unity of pens and Michael Nuayme” (H.Aliyeva); “The History of research into Turkey-Europe union economic relations” (E.Samedov); “Andalusia motives in the creativity of Nizar Qabbani” (K.Sharifov); US-Saudi Arabia relations earlier 21 century and a problem of international terrorism”, “Public opinion in Arab countries and international relations around the Caspian sea, “Political Islam in Northern Africa at the current stage” (S.Ibragimova); “Islam in the USA”, “Islam in Britain”, “The European Union and Problems of emigration in Moslem Eastern countries” (N.Alizadeh); “Euroasian integration and Prospects of international relations in the Caspian basin earlier 21 century” (K.Rzayev).

As for Department’s current plan of research, worthy of note is Head of Department PhD in Economy D.Veliyev’s “Globalization and Inter-civilization dialogue: “Globalization processes and The East within the framework “East-West”. Results of research work found their parallel in appropriate research papers publications.

Worthy of mentioning among research work carried out by the Department is “Enlightenment and Development of the Western Philosophy in the 20 century”, as well as explorations in current state of historical relations between Arab and Turkic worlds and research into West’s role in these relations – “Public opinion in Arab countries and international relations around the Caspian sea”. Of particular topicality is “Collaboration between the East and the West in resolving globalization problems: necessity and prospects” within the framework of geopolitical and culturology aspects of dialogue between the East and the West.

It should be noted that the head of the Department D.Veliyev and PhD in Economy M.Babashly are closed collaborating with education structures. Thus, D.Veliyev’s “International economy” and “International finances” textbooks have been issued under the Ministry of Education assistance.

At present, the following research lines are explored by the Department:

1. “Influence of Global financial crisis on Eastern countries” within the framework of “Globalization processes and the East” (PhD in economy D.Veliyev);

2. “International terrorism and collaboration between the East and the West in opposing it” (PhD in Economy M.Babashly);

3. “Analysis of “Unity of pens” by Aida Imanguliyeva (H.Aliyeva);

4. “Political life of the Arab East in the creativity of Nizar Qabbani” (K.Sharifov);

5. “Creation and Development of political Islam in Egypt within the context of “East-West” relations (S.Ibrahimova);

6. “The European Union and Problems of emigration in Moslem Eastern countries at the present stage (N.Alizadeh);”

7. “Bibliography of research papers documents on Turkey and EU economic relations” (E.Samedov);

8. “Main directions of social-economic development of the Turkish Republic, 2000” (H.Guneshli);

9. “Influence of the Western literature on formation of the Turkish prose during Tanzimat period” (U.Samedova).

Department’s researchers are permanently busy with upgrading their professional skills and setting new tasks as follows:

1. PhD in Economy M. Babashly is toiling at doctoral thesis “Islamic moral questions (newest period) in the Easter and Western ethic thought” by specialty “History of religion and Philosophy”;

2. Researcher E. Samedov is working over a candidate’ thesis “Customs relations between Turkey and the EU”;

3. Researcher H. Guneshli is writing a thesis “Collaboration between Turkey and the USA in opposing international terrorism”;

4. Senior laboratory assistant U. Samedova is toiling at a thesis “Influence of the Western literature on the formation of Turkish prose of Tanzimat period”.

Junior researcher H. Aliyeva has been admitted to the defense of the doctoral thesis “Aida Imanguliyeva as a researcher into East-West literary relations”.

In general, 15 doctoral candidates and PhD students are currently busy with exploring topical questions of East-West relations.

Account has to be taken of the fact that PhD in Economy D.Veliyev has 5 doctoral candidates; M. Babashly – 4 PhD students. Note that subjects for candidates are chosen to comply with academic plan of the Department within the framework of East-West relations framework. Woman’ rights and duties in Islam and Christianity, human love, world outlook, etc. are analyzed by means of comparative method.

Besides research work and publication of papers and monographs, the Institute of Oriental Studies deals with organization of conferences, symposiums, etc. Thus, The Institute of Oriental Studies after Z.M.Buniyadov ANAS along with the Caucasus University hosted on October 28, 2013 an international conference dedicated to the 90-anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Note that researchers of the Department took an active part in conference’ organization.

Also, the researchers published their research papers in various magazines, including “Research activities”, “Silkway”, “Journal of Qavqaz University”, etc. They attended international research papers conferences and symposiums in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Worthy of mentioning are textbooks and monographs for educational institutions, translation works, etc.

In general, over the whole period of Department’s activity the researchers published above 30 monographs, 200 articles, abroad included, to study various aspects of mutual influence of the East-West cultures, etc.

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