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31 March 2017

ANAS Institute of Oriental Studies after Academician Z.Bunyatov published the book by researcher from South Azerbaijan Huseyn Alizadeh (Barysh Marandli) "The Genocide of "21 Azer".



The work, translated from the Persian language by the employee of the Institute Salekh Dostaliyev is devoted to the analysis of the history of mass massacres committed by the regime in 1946-1947. Against our people who rose to fight for national and cultural rights in Iran during the Pahlavi Shah and who built the National Government on December 12, 1945 on the Shamsi calendar day "21 Azer") under the leadership of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party.


The book consists of an introduction and 9 chapters. The publication tells about the martyrs who died during the genocides in Tabriz, Zenjan, Miyane, Serab, Urmia, Marag, Merend, Khoi, Khalkhal, Ardebil, Meskyshehra, Astara, Ahar in 1946-1947, as well as the role of clergymen who were supporters Shah, internal and external forces in the events of "21 Azer".

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