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11 September 2018

On September 4-7 in Tatarstan, Kazan was held UNESCO Forum on Intercultural Dialogue. The main purpose is the dissemination of positive experience of peaceful coexistence of representatives of different nationalities and faiths, an exchange of views on this issue between state and scientific figures and representatives of the public.

The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, the first President of Tatarstan and the Special Envoy of UNESCO for Intercultural Dialogue Mintimer Shaimiev, former Director-General of UNESCO, UNESCO Deputy Secretary-General Hing GU. About 200 foreign scientists and experts participated at the forum.

At the international forum, Azerbaijan was represented by Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies after academician Z.M.Bunyadov academician Shahin Mustafayev. At the framework of the forum of the conference "The Great Silk Road - the Way of Dialogue and Cultural Rapprochement" scientist delivered a paper on "Historical and Cultural Context of the Volga-Khazar Trade Route in the Middle Ages". The report aroused great interest among the conference participants.

Participants of a forum have got acquainted with the archaeological and architectural monuments in the territory of Tatarstan entering the list of heritage of UNESCO. The declaration has been in conclusion adopted. Results of the World forum of the international dialogue which has taken place in Baku have especially been estimated.

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