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20 September 2019

On September 20, academics Shao Feng and Wang Li, the scientists of the International Strategy Department of the Institute of World Economy and Policy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences visited the Institute of Oriental Studies named after academician Ziya Bunyadov of ANAS.

Chinese scientists first met with the director of the institute, academician Govhar Bakhshaliyeva and the head of the Asia-Pacific region department, Dr. Philology Zenfira Shikhalibeyli.


Academician G. Bakhshaliyeva informed the guests about the main directions of scientific research conducted at the enterprise. He said that the institute has started research in recent years on Asian and Pacific countries, including China. He said the Asia-Pacific Department of the Institute was established in 2016, exploring the history of China's modern day, China's economic development, national and foreign policy, its place in the international arena, including cultural ties with Azerbaijan.

The director said that under the agreement with the Confucius Institute of China People Republic, teachers would teach chinese to their employees, one young employee was sent to Nanjing University and the other to Anhui University for master's degree.

Zenfira Shikhalibeyli briefed the guests on the studies and publications of the Asia-Pacific Region Department.

Later on, Shao Feng said that the department has been conducting research on international relations with many countries, including Azerbaijan. He noted that the main purpose of his visit to Baku is to study Azerbaijan's economy, politics, culture and foreign relations more deeply.

Then, chinese scientists visited the Asia-Pacific Region Department and were interested in investigating the collaborators.

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